"Because of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, Laos was subjected to saturation bombing by aerial raids launched from Thailand and from within Laos. In this undeclared dirty war, the tonnage of bombs dropped by US bombers on the northern Lao provinces of Xieng Khuang, Sam Neua, the Phong Saly between 1964 and 1973 exceeded the entire tonnage dropped over Europe by all sides during WWII.
It is estimated that US forces flew almost 600,000 sorties - the equivalent of one bombing run every eight minutes around the clock for nine years. This air assault was shrouded in secrecy, since under the terms of the Geneva Accord of 1962 no foreign personnel were supposed to operate on Laotian territory. The Vietminese and the Chinese also violated Laos'

“Backseat Driver is a road trip through this landscape of imagery, at once real and surreal. journey through Laos. The route, from beginning to end, is shrouded in ambiguity. The viewer too lacks signposts on their journey, but road may yield certain truths - about the world described or, perhaps, about the very nature of the image

it ‘self. We see things and recognise them from our memory of similar things with similar functions, In strange places the ghost of our own expectations comes back to haunt us' Aj Wilkinson

'Backstreet Driver' slideshow created by Aj Wilkinson http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJPHgDOvi-s

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