I deem the edge represents the borderline of another edge. I deem it is the arrival point when another trail begins... I deem it the alpha and the omega, it point to the future, the exact point in which the present begins. I deem that a door may be closed in the same moment in which it is opened. I deem that between the end of an edge and the beginning of another there is a story that always deserves to be told. A story with a past, a present and a future.

After a borderline has been traced, a story begins; I walked the path toward its end. A place where the path of a man gets away and becomes a dark spot, a society’s dark spot that traces the beginning of another path.

Houses, countryside, neglected places; each one of them traced the beginning and the end of something at the same time.

A neglected place, a shabby space, let us think that there, there was a past - the future of yesterday, there is a present - the future of today, and there will be a future - the future of tomorrow. A hymn for an untold future, a future that can be lived, that we cannot stop with a gaze, but we can walk with it, waiting for its transformation.

This is my outlying trail in the south of Bari, where everything appears with a fragile end and beginning. The journey into these placeless places brings me to an edge, into the things, into the life, into the history, into the shiver of the living man close to the edge, a step far from the unknown: the future.

Francesca Loprieno


Francesca Loprieno, lives and works in Italy. In her projects she prefers using the languages of photos and videos in order to analyze social problems such as the human inadequacy to accept and to adjust him/herself to the modern ordinary empty spaces, along with the loss of him/herself and human rights, problems often related to the experience of the journey.

The journey conceived not only as crossing through

a physical space but also as a mental act involving personal and collective memory, an occasion in which there’s the loss of senses and the awareness of time, which no longer belongs to the interiority of the individual, but becomes an essential condition of life.

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