Close Your Eyes and Think of England

'Close Your Eyes and Think of England combines photography, collage and still life using organic objects and found photographic imagery. With an intricate use of placing and framing, the series subtly draws our attention to the photograph as an object and its power to disrupt how we understand the display of other materials.

The found images, which have been taken from early 1970’s Penthouse magazines have been cut, folded, twisted, torn and enlarged. As each photograph is placed with organic materials a dialogue is opened up between them and we watch as they interact with each other. The fractured images perform for us and the objects participate with a hesitant curiosity. Femininity and sexuality weave through the folds of the paper, the smooth surface of the pebbles and the lustrous coating of the leaves. As we look, these familiar elements become unsettling; the bare bodies become more broken and the rigid wood underlines each vacant expression.

Like the earliest still life photography involving nature, this project is an inspection. It inspects a woman’s identity, questioning how much of it is her true self and how much of it has been influenced by culture, the media and external pressures. Close Your Eyes and think of England stimulates a heightened awareness of the tension between a woman’s self and the image of herself that she puts out to the world.'

Hannah Farrell

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