Book and Zine Display

Live Portrait Studio

Opening Night: Friday 8th May 6.30pm

Public View: 9th - 5th May. 10.00 - 4.30pm

AWOL Studios,Manchester.


Jocelyn Allen

Jonathan Bailey

Elizabeth Ball

Alexander Bather

Megan Bayliss

Chris Bethell

Kieran Boswell

Jenn Brookes

Ian Clegg

Julie Anne Cochrane

Anna Columbine

Stewart Craig

Kevin Crooks

Alex Cutler

Peter Dazeley

Alastair Eccles

Hazel Edmunds

Jessie Edwards-Thomas

Jade FInnan

Tony Fitzsimmons

Dave Gee

David Gregory

Zuza Grubecka

Jennifer Haley

Nick Hall

Marc Henry

Leah Henson

Philip Hewitt

Kieran Hosking

Marcin T Jozefiak

JJ Kelly

Peter Kindersley

Phillipa Klaiber

Phil Le Gal

Bekky Lonsdale

Dennis Massey

Jason McCarthy

Mike McGinley

Isaac Mellalieu

Andrew Mellor

Marc Provins

Mark Reeves

Layla Sailor

Mike Stephens

Alex Tavakoli

Colin Thomas

River Thompson

Aj Wilkinson

EVERYBODY WELCOME. Save the Date! 08.05.15

Invite and Share

In addition to the ETALAGE III Exhibition Opening Night, Hope Mill are hosting their Annual 2015 ‘Artist Studio Event’ where all floors are open to a viewing audience showcasing individual Artists Work.

Photographs by Alexander Cutler 

Alex Cutler | Photographer 

North West. Preston



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