Places and Surfaces 

This photo series is, in the author’s intentions, a document on the exploratory concept of places. 

His research on elementary components of the landscape, is dictated by introspective motivations. In the images presented, emerges an innate curiosity, from what is commonly considered without a definite meaning.

The photography of Paraggio, is perceived as a form of detailed study about places, seen as autonomous microcosm. Be present in a space, having holding and practice of procedures for observation,where the extreme attention and calm are the tools for the implementation of the photograph. The relief and the definition of the surrounding elements seem to be his leitmotif.
His photos show an apparent absence of purposes, but they are the proof of a strong need to related with the place.

An attitude meticulous and rigorous, almost inspired by the work of Bernd and Hilla Becher, emerges in the vision of these 27 images. It almost seems that we want to bring in the places represented, but that really allow us especially to know beyond the visible and apparent invite us to an intimate wedding with the descriptive elements of the landscape. The architecture, the historic charm of built, human manipulation of materials, integration and relationship with the natural root of the landscape, are all elements that allow us the vision of this book and that testify to the deep sensitivity of the author.

Gaetano Paraggio 

Text by Sergio Creazzo. April 2015

Gaetano Paraggio

I am attracted to places of living everyday. Normal places, seen (or rather not seen) just passing through. Places that leave no trace on the retina of the people, as if they were invisible. I like to walk along suburban streets or in industrial areas, to lay my eyes on abandoned factories. The mind relaxes and thinks free. Watching all this from the viewfinder of the camera back to life timeless places, denounces the degradation of "land without men", the remoteness of the institutions, the grip of a crisis incomprehensible how painful and cynical. Mine is research about beauty. The beauty grab the best in his absence.I like to photograph the city, look for a symbiosis between me and the loneliness of space I do not know. My photography is an attempt to exist, the possibility of being.I am 50 years I live in Bellizzi in the province of Salerno


2011/2013 - creator and curator of the photo contest EXAREA dedicated to brownfield sites.
2013 - Publication of the book self-produced "Siamo al palo"
2014 - Selected for the publishing project "Questo Paese" edited by Fulvio Bortolozzo on the facebook group We Do The Rest.
2015 - Publication of the book self-produced "Luoghi e Superfici".


April 2012 - Declinazioni Periferiche by Paraggio Gaetano and Salvatore Lembo
Complesso ex tabacchificio Centola, Pontecagnano (SA) Italy
June / September 2014 - Collective "Questo Paese" curated by Fulvio Bortolozzo for Corigliano Calabro Photography
Corigliano Calabro (CS) Italy, Castello Ducale.
June 2014 - Present in the collective "Ibridi Fogli" with the book "Siamo al palo", curated by Antonio Baglivo
Pinacoteca Provinciale di Salerno, Italy.
July / September 2014 - Collective "La terra dei miti" curated by PHOTOARTCOMMUNITY Cultural Association Carmine Pandolfi
Agropoli (SA), Castello Aragonese.
May/June 2015 - Present in the collective "Ibridi & Simili" with the book "Luoghi e Superfici", curated by Antonio Baglivo e Vito Pinto,

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