Tübke’s main focus is portraiture. The work seeks to capture the human form, recording the individuality and uniqueness of human beings. The subjects look directly into the camera. By focusing on the gaze and by the sensitively observed posture, Tübke creates images of high intensity which exude an incredibly powerful force, yet posses a distant quality. Tübke utilises a deceptively simplistic minimalist approach to the images which is direct in its style.

Tübke has successfully exhibited his work internationally through museums and galleries. He is represented in major collections such as the National Collection of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London or Los Angeles.

Tübke’s new series ‘Heads’ demonstrates a different approach, which focuses solely on the physiognomy, the facial expressions and features that define the human face. The subjects are photographed in the sea, which brings an intimacy to the images. This is further portrayed by the subtle subtext of unrevealed nakedness, which in turn powerfully promotes the incredible force and strength of the expression on the human face. The subjects have a connection with nature, the feel of the water and the faint breeze almost imperceptible. Tübke’s images create a soothing, calming harmony with the natural elements. The images are able to connect with this energy pulsating from the homogenous surfaces and delicate horizon lines. The subjects are bathed in the various blues and greens and the water and sky, highlighting the skin tones perfectly.

The incredibly intense photographic work "Heads" is evidence of meditative calm and serenity and the individuality of each image are visually impressive.

Albrecht Tübke

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