Imagine Hillfields

Hillfields is an amazing place. Out of the bomb damage and planning blight of the post war period it found new life through immigration, a site for the first regeneration project in the UK in 1970, birthplace of two-tone in the late 1970s, location of Coventry’s so-called 'frontline' against the state in the 1980s, and site of successive regeneration attempts since. Today it has one of the most international populations for an area of its size in Europe and is as it always was, a hardworking place struggling against poverty, exploitation and a lack of voice.

For fifty years this story has been recorded by internationally renowned photographers and community photographers alike. This exhibition and book brings together the Richard Sadler, John Blakemore, Masterji and Jason Scott Tilley collections of Hillfields, together with the archives of Coventry City Council and Hillfields History Group, and a new body of work by re-photographer Nick Stone.

It is all part of Imagine, a university community research project which examines the impact of visions of the future on residents and workers but starting fifty years ago. Through this project we hope that those with the power to change things will recognise and value the contribution the community can make to visions of the future and so we pose a question: if Hillfields today is to play its part in Coventry’s wider development how can residents, planners and policy makers jointly learn from the past to understand the present and transform the future?

Jason Scott Tilley 

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