JJ Kelly’s Polaroid Project 'Home' documents the everyday life situations of his family at their home in Oxford. It is a project which he has been wanting to undertake for a long time now, finally starting it in August 2013 and has been working on it over the past seven months.

By shooting on Instax film, similar to that of a Polaroid, the instant developing of the image reflects the brief moment in which the image is captured. The bright flash highlights the subject, the viewer is left looking at an image with all the aesthetic traits of a snapshot, just like those found in family albums.

Having been brought up in a large family of seven, with his three brothers and three sisters, JJ found there was never a dull moment when growing up in the family home. Still to this day the house is full of activity. In his childhood there was always someone taking pictures, pictures similar in appearance to the ones he is taking of his family now. These moments that JJ Kelly wishes to capture of his family will continue to happen as time goes by, this is an ongoing project with no end in sight.

JJ Kelly

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