State Tower Building

Built in the late 1920's, the State Tower Building was expected to usher in a new era of prosperity and development for the growing city of Syracuse, New York. Instead, the Great Depression hit. Ninety years later, the 22-floor State Tower Building remains the tallest structure in a struggling rustbelt city.

Following Hokusai, the Japanese woodblock artist who created views of Mt. Fuji, I set about to make landscapes that include the State Tower Building somewhere in the frame. This gave me license to create foreground scenes of great variety.

Willson Cummer

Willson Cummer is a fine-art photographer, curator and teacher who lives near Syracuse, New York, USA. Images from his projects have been included in national juried and solo exhibitions. His work is online at Willson also publishes the blog New Landscape Photography, which has featured the work of over 500 artists in the past five years, at

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