The Disposable Project 

The Disposable Project by photographer Raul Guerrero is a volunteer-run project created with the charity 'Born To Learn’
9 children with 100 disposable cameras in Tanzania, it hopes to promote the Arts, Education, and Sustainability. 

On May 11, 2011 Raul Guerrero embarked on a communal photography project within the Newlands area of Moshi, Tanzania. Collaborating with Born to Learn, a program devoted to educating disadvantaged youth, he provided 100 Kodak single-use cameras to 9 of the oldest teenage students: Alex Charles, Jenifer Wilson, John Leo, Kamili Kalist, Peter Michael, Petro Ngowi, Samson Modest, Sebastian Simon, and Stanley Felix. Having developed creative methods while providing the necessary tools for the youth to document their everyday experiences, presented the opportunity to capture a collection of intimate memories, exploring aspects of the culture and depicting values. Through The Disposable Project, these nine young photographers bring the face of their community to you.

After a successful Kickstarter fundraising campaign, Raul steadily worked on publishing a book featuring 60+ photographs from the students, which was launched on April 6th, 2014. The book, along with the prints, will only be available for purchase for a limited time of 12 months (until April 6, 2015 via with all proceeds being accrued for a direct donation to Born To Learn.

Raul Guerrero

1-Bike-Ride by John-Leo

2-Buffalo-Soldier by Jenifer Wilson

3-Pepsi-Delivery by Alex Charles

4-Untitled (Doorway) by Alex Charles

5-Obama in TZ by Peter-Michael

6-Flex by Kamili Kalist

7-Food Stand by Jenifer Wilson

8-Fieldworkn by Kamili Kalist

9-Movien Shopn by John Leo

10-Pose by Kamili Kalist

11-Bicycle by Jenifer Wilson

12-Untitled (Elder-Woman) by-Sebastian Simon

13-Untitled (Portrait) by Kamili-Kalist

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