The images submitted are part of a larger series of images, which will be resulting in a bookwork come summer 2015.

With the baroque as a main inspiration, not just as a period within architecture or art, but more so as an expression of a certain philosophy. The overall themes being the duality within, the balance between illusion and reality, light and dark and time and space.

The photographs are all individual pieces, however as a whole, seen together they create this expression of the Baroque, containing an explosion of decorative decadence, richness of colour, materiality and form.

The relationship between the interior and the exterior become undefinable, and the borders seem non-existing. Nature is somehow seeping into the domestic, while the outside is being changed by these manmade creations, making the boundaries of the two non graspable.

The project consists of a series of images produced in various geographical locations, over a period of 3 years, however all entailing a certain duality, bringing them together as a story about the tension within.

For me personally the images in the book are always moving, changing and evolving, leaving me with something not quite graspable, where the architecture is more sophisticated than the people, who seem almost more animal-like than civilised. With statues that seems alive and people mainly portrayed as almost abstract figures, the reality as we know it is turned upside down. Leaving all rules of etiquette behind. 

Barok is a series of images, which is based on sensation. Looking at the representation of the female body and working along a complex set of values, I question the set conventions of sensation through the very act of looking. The vernacular and the insignificant become platforms from which to examine issues of representation that cut across expectations and established modes of viewing, thus the viewer is constantly placed in a dilemma that allows self-reflection. Desire, pleasure and sorrow are the main affects that I utilise in an ever-growing body of work that turns and changes the viewer’s perception in an unexpected way. Every image is a fold that allows multiple readings and changes the conditions of looking through visual material that is as visceral as it is tactile.

Tine Bek

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