No Destination 

In a time when the physical distances narrow. In an era, the digital one, full of lone individuals prefixed to a virtual communication doctrine, in which intimacy and the true leitmotif of each human being is relegated to a community mirage, man still fights as his ancestors did, an old battle in the horizons and about the social skills around him. Metaphysical spaces elevated to a collective subconscious, to a popular imaginary where daily, we fight an eternal battle between the unconquered and the real. Areas working as mirrors of a society destined to a fierce development, where future frequently confuses with present and past is lapidated by the burden of the now. Places as the yesterday’s close heritage, as the ruins of today, as a legacy of what we have been, and a close intermediate towards tomorrow. No destination has been developed in those spaces, highways, parking, yards, old factories, or service roads; time there seems to remain silent after an aesthetic and purely emotional resource: melancholy and decadence of a society riding without direction nor end to the encounter of an unachievable progress.

Tolo Parra  

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