Twin Peaks All Over the States

Virtual Trip and Fictional Inventory in the Borders of Reality.

The fiction was always for me another way to approach the reality. A different way of seeing the life. An experiment of possibles.

Conceived by a creator or an artist, the fiction can be an incredible generator of feelings contributing to the construction of specific symbols. Totally assimilated by the fans, these symbols, because of their powerful emotional charge, quickly become cult objects (like " a cult movie " or " a cult novel "). Cult objects and collector's items thus, worshiped exactly for their capacity to regenerate feelings, previously lived through the fictions.

"The human being invented the fictions as a space where he can at will, and without danger, suspend the feeling of the reality. The fiction forbids to think that it is about the reality, but not to believe in it, " as if it was true". - Serge Tisseron

And if to be a fan it was exactly it, to want to extend the fiction in the reality to make " as if it was true "? In other words, to want to regenerate the fiction to reinvent its own reality?

Being a big fan of David Lynch, I exactly suggest to explore one of its most accomplished worlds, one of its most fantastical fictions, his television series Twin Peaks.

By leaving of the absolute symbol which constitutes the title, "Twin Peaks" - at the same time suggestive of a typical town of deep America, but also summits overhanging it - I get ready to cover the U.S. territory in search of all existing Twin Peaks to establish an inventory.

But how travel thousands of kilometers, from North to South and from East to West, without spending many months? How leave on the American roads, in search of imaginary symbols, with a moderate budget?

In the same way as I discovered the series of Lynch through the screen of my television set, I shall go off to explore twin peaks through my computer screen, door of natural access in immense unlimitedness of this public place which constitutes internet. By using the interface StreetView of Google, I can so invest, in a relatively restricted time, this virtual space and photograph, list, inventory and collect a hundred twin mounts distributed on all the American territory.

So, the operation Twin Peaks all other the States aims to be a methodical and rational exploration of a very real territory, a virtual trip in search of imaginary symbols. The inventory of a world where fiction, reality and virtuality would make only one.

The day of my departure was fixed on February 24th, 2015, the anniversary of Laura Palmer's death …

This project was carried out during an artistic residency initiated by La Chambre Claire in Marseille, France.

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Yannick Vallett

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