William Sharp

''Doors and Windows are cut into the walls of a house, And because they are empty spaces, we are able to use them.

Therefore on the one hand we have the benefit of existence

And in the other, we make use of non-existence''. - Tao Te Ching. Untitled. Windows and Doors

“Untitled (Windows and Doors) is a self published Photo Zine with an experimental narrative offering multiple beginnings and endings. It is a study of reduction, distortion and simplicity outside conventional studio practice, photographed in a unique individual style. It is simply a project focussing on opposite outcomes. The central concept of the images revolves around the removal of accepted studio practices such as lighting equipment, flash and props while producing images in a studio setting. There is a ongoing juxtaposition between observation and construct, distortion and reality, negative and positive that runs seamlessly throughout the body of work.” - William Sharp

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